Daino - Dama dama 
Adult and young male of the Fallow deer 
In this clip we can observe the particular situation of the contemporary presence and closeness of an adult male that has just thrown the antlers, and of a young male (about 10 months) that is beginning the growth of the first antlers.
Development of the antlers in the Fallow deer and some physical characteristics of male: first an adult male "palancone" that has just thrown the antlers. Continue with different stages of regrow of male young and old. Finally male with cleaning antlers: young "fusoni", "balestroni" and adult "palanconi".
In this short film we see some pups of Fallow deer with their mothers.
Young of Fallow deer "fusoni", two year old.
In this clip we see some male sub-adult and adult. Sub-adult "balestroni" three or more year old, adult "palanconi".
Some female, adult and young of Fallow deer.
Activities of marking the territory in male of Fallow deer.
Coupling, matching, rutting season in Fallow deer.
Combats in the hierarchical phase, they are directed to determination of social condition in males.
Stage of formation of a Lek - Fallow deer
Yearling bucks of Fallow deer "Dama dama" (first head), with antlers in velvet (shortly before the cleaning), scrub the antlers in the grass, and play.
Fawn of Fallow-deer 
Baby deer of fallow-deer tastes its first leaves and grass.
An young female of fallow deer is eating an acorn (fruit of the oak tree).
Ponato, adult male of fallow-deer in rutting season. 
Fischietto, adult male of fallow-deer in rutting season. 
Maschio adulto di daino nella stagione degli amori.
Fallow-deers "clasch" photographer "clik...clik" 
Video di un povero maschio adulto di daino (palancone), caduto da una piccola scarpata soprastante (probabilmente in seguito ad un precedente combattimento) ed impossibilitato a muoversi (schiena rotta). 
Visione sconsigliata a persone sensibili. 
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Young male of fallow-deer, showing flehman. Raises head and curls back upper lip. 
Giovane maschio di daino, fa il "flehman". Alza il capo e arriccia indietro il labbro superiore. 
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